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By San Tan A/C Comfort Pros, Jul 8 2016 10:18PM

What your A/C Tune up should include

Much like an annual check up with your family doctor, your air conditioning unit needs the same type of attention and care. As we approach the peak of the summer, you will want your unit to run at its best!

As the hottest months of the summer are upon us, doing a maintenance in the spring and in the fall on your unit will help it run its best, when you need it the most!

Here is a list of what you can expect when our team of professionals services your A/C:

*Condenser coil clean

*Check thermostat operation

*Clean or replace filter (customer supplied)

*Check termperature split at unit and in house

*Check refrigerant charge

*Check compressor operating pressures

*Inspect disconnect, wiring, tighten electrical connection

*Inspect run capacitors, relays and controls

*Test safety controls

*Test starting capabilities

*Check amp draw on compressor and motors

*Lubricate all moving parts

*Inspect and adjust belt tension

*Inspect accessible duct work and duct seal at unit for leaks

*Inspect indoor coil

*Clean condensate drain

*Clean condensate line

*Clean and adjust burner assembly

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By San Tan A/C Comfort Pros, Jun 29 2016 10:32PM

Tips & Tricks to Keeping Cool This Summer!

As temperatures reach their highest, especially in Arizona, you'll want to rely on your Air Conditioner to keep you comfortable and cool this summer! Here are some tips and tricks on keeping your Air Conditioner working at peak performance, helping you beat the heat!

Keeping it Clean — Simply put, Your air conditioner cannot properly run if it is dirty.

Checking your unit regularly to ensure it’s free of any dirt and debris is essential to staying cool this summer.

Filter Change — The filters in your air conditioner need to be changed every couple of months.

Sadly, most people do not change their filters often enough, causing their unit to perform poorly and inefficently.

Give your AC Unit space — The AC Unit needs room to breathe.

If debris can easily get to your unit, or if trees/shrubs are growing close by it, this can cause it to run poorly . Make sure there is enough space between your unit and those around it.

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