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Did you know R22 is being phased out? What does this mean for you? Read below to find out more!

By San Tan A/C Comfort Pros, Apr 17 2019 07:56PM

Due to harmful effects on the ozone layer by R22, as of January 1st, 2020, R22 will no longer be sold or imported into the United States. This means if your system has a refrigerant leak, the option to add refrigerant will not be available and if your current system cannot be retrofitted to accept the new refrigerant, a new system will need to be purchased. STACCP recommends for owners of R22 air conditioners to plan ahead and really weigh their options when faced with a repair or replace situation. As R22 is no longer produced, R22 air conditioner owners will need to use reclaimed R22 or previously produced quantities to service their R22 air conditioner, more than likely at a very high price.

Owners of R22 air conditioners may have the option to retrofit their system to accept the new refrigerant or to replace proactively. To find out if you can retrofit your system an inspection of your unit will need to be done by an HVAC licensed technician. Beware of those wanting to add more R22 into your system, as you will more than likely experience another leak and have to spend more money in the future. A trust worthy technician will attempt to repair the leak if you are unable to replace. In addition, as mentioned above R22 is only increasing in price as we get closer to 2020. If you currently own an R22 system and are not ready to replace, it is important to maintain your system properly.

As of 2010, the installation of R22 HVAC systems became illegal, therefore if your system was installed after 2010 more than likely it is a system that uses 410A which is the new refrigerant. The outside unit will either have an R22 nameplate or 410A name plate and that is another way to find out what type of unit you have. If you have any questions please feel free to call our office! (480) 840-5084

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